Off-road Recovery

Off-Road Recovery

In case your vehicle is damaged or stuck by a dirt road, or somewhere off the beaten path, there is no need to worry! We can come and find your vehicle in all kinds of conditions with our all-terrain towing-equipment and get you out of a tough spot. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and tell us where you are! We will do our best to reach you, regardless of where you may be.


Why NoCo Tow Pros?

  • Fast service

  • Competitive pricing

  • Available 24/7 

  • From light duty to heavy duty towing, we've got you covered!

  • Off-road recovery 

  • Locksmith services

  • Fuel delivery

  • Jumpstart assistance

We know that, particularly in beautiful Colorado, it can be fun to go mudding around in your car or truck, but with fun always comes a risk, and in this case - getting stuck. As they might say, it's all fun and games until you get your truck stuck in the mud and the tires are spinning hopelessly. But if that is the case, no worries! If you can get in, then we can pull you out! 


We have been driving in northern Colorado for decades, and so we are well acquainted with what the terrain has to offer, and how to maneuver in it. Oftentimes, the greatest concern we see are off-road situations involving heavy snow, but our drivers are well-experienced and will know how to deal with the challenging situation. Regardless of mud or snow, sand or rock, whatever your stuck situation is, we can get you out! Give us a call and give us as precise as location as possible, and we can give you an estimated price and ETA for your recovery.