Common Towing Questions

Here are some FAQ’s that may help in case you find yourself in a situation where you may be in need of a tow, or some vehicle distress related issue, like being unable to start your car, running out of gas, or even having a flat tire. We recognize these kinds of situations can be pretty stressful, particularly when the solution to the vehicle problem is not immediately obvious, or the procedure is not clear. It is also possible to have vehicle related problems after typical business hours or far away from any immediate friends and family who may be able to help. For all these kinds of instances, we are proud to offer 24/7 services that cover just about any vehicle-related issue you may be facing.


You would be surprised how much you can do to fix your vehicle and get back on the road without needing a full-on tow or extensive repair. Quite often vehicle problems are pretty minor and only require a fairly basic solution, like a jumpstart, some added vehicle fluid (oil, gas, water), or even a tire repair to get you driving again. Also, if the problem really is major, like your vehicle has had a significant mechanical breakdown, it may still be possible to patch it with something relatively inexpensive, so that you can drive your vehicle to the nearest mechanic without needing it towed for you.


Oftentimes, people are unfamiliar with issues that may require a towing service. If you are unsure of what to do if your vehicle won’t start and don’t have any immediate contacts to help or provide advice, here are some FAQ’s that may help you gain a better understanding on how to resolve your vehicle-related issue. These can help to inform you how to gauge your situation, to see if there is a way you can fix it yourself, or to determine if a towing-related service really is necessary, and how to prepare for the towing professional to make the entire process as smooth and pleasant as possible.

My Car Won’t Start. What Should I Do?


There are multiple definitions of “my car won’t start.” There are a whole plethora of reasons for why your car may not start, ranging from mechanical to electrical. Most of the time, the issue is related to the vehicle’s battery or starter. If it is because of a dead battery, your car will not even begin to start when you try the ignition. If it is a starter related issue or if your batter is weak, the engine may begin to turn over, but will not fully ignite and start running.


Pay attention to the sounds your car makes, if any, when you try to start it. Take note of all the sounds and other behaviors your car makes when you start the ignition. If you have a mechanically savvy friend or family member, give them a call and ask their synopsis based on the observations you’ve made and get their advice. If you don’t know anyone who would be a reliable resource, give us a call at 970-440-7575 and get a free synopsis and quote from us regarding your vehicle’s issue. We provide all kinds of roadside assistance services that will cover nearly every common issue we’ve experienced regarding vehicle startup. We can charge your battery, give your car a jumpstart, add fuel, oil, or water if it is low, and much more at a reasonable rate.


I Got a Flat Tire and Am Stuck. What should I Do?


There are a number of things you can do if you are facing a flat tire. Really, it depends on the resources you have available.


If you have a spare tire and a jack, then safely use the jack to change the flat tire with your spare tire, drive to a nearby tire shop and have your original tire repaired or replaced. Be sure to exercise proper procedure while jacking your vehicle (including setting your jack in the right position relative to the vehicle) so that you don’t accidentally punch a hole through the floor of your vehicle. Also ensure that the location is safe (i.e. not in the flow of traffic) so that you can replace the tire without any unnecessarily added risk.


If you do not have a spare or a jack, the answer is NOT to attempt to drive your vehicle with the flat to the nearest tire shop unless it is very close. Any extended travel with a flat tire will not only ruin the tire but also possibly the rim as well. In this instance you can have a friend bring a spare, or some tire sealant and an air pump to patch your tire so that you can drive your vehicle to the nearest tire shop.


If neither of these options are possible, then give us a call! We provide tire changes and other types roadside assistance for your vehicle. Let us know what your situation is and we will give you an honest assessment, a free quote, and fast service should you need one of our drivers to come and help. This is easily the safest option, as our drivers are experienced professionals who know exactly how to deal with your vehicle’s situation, which will take all the risk and guesswork out of your hands.


What Kind of Information Should I Have for a Towing Service?


To give your dispatch driver the best information so that he will arrive as quickly as possible, be sure to have the most accurate address of your vehicle’s location, ideally with some kind of visual landmark for reference (like “next to this billboard” or “at the corner of this and that street”). Also, be sure to tell us your vehicle’s make, model, and year to make sure we have the right type of truck for the situation. Give us a brief description of your vehicle emergency so that we know how to best prepare for the service.


Will Insurance Cover my Towing Expenses?


Most insurance policies have towing service coverage options. If your insurance has this kind of coverage, then most likely it will cover the costs, at least to some degree. Contact your insurance provider, even before contacting us, to know the details on whether towing costs are included in your policy, and how much of the towing expenses are covered. However, if it is covered, we work with most major insurance companies, and will work to make sure all service costs are handled by the proper parties.


What Should I Expect from my Tow Truck Driver?


With our drivers, you should expect a courteous, fast, reasonable, and personable professional who will determine the best solution to your vehicle-related issue. They will have the experience and the knowledge to assist you regardless of how complicated the issue may be. They will be able to assess the most economical solution to your vehicle’s problem, whether that be a simple jumpstart, or a full on tow to a location of your choosing.


Will Towing Risk Further Damage to my Vehicle?


We do everything possible to ensure that every tow is as safe and injury-free as possible for your vehicle. For us, a successful tow is a damage free tow. Anything less is a failure. We will provide the tow vehicle we believe, based on our experience, will be the best for the job. However, if you would like to request a non-hitch type of vehicle transport, such as with a flatbed truck, we will be happy to oblige, so long as it will still be possible to effectively transport your vehicle to the location of your preference.


Where should I Have my Vehicle Towed?


As tower, we will take your vehicle to any location you choose, including your home, or a mechanic or repair shop of your preference. If it is totaled, however, we recommend you let us take it to our tow yard so that you will get an inspection done by your insurance company as quickly as possible. To avoid paying extra yard costs, your insurance company will be motivated to get an assessment done sooner, rather than if it were at a place with no cost, like your driveway (this is assuming that your insurance policy covers tow yard costs, which puts the burden on the insurance company rather than you).

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